G'day, I'm Cody Dorsett-Lynn


Kerbalnet was a project designed to fill a missing void in the Kerbal Space Program community. We wanted to help the community grow and it seemed like the best way to put our skills to use. As of the 0.18 update Squad has maintained their own (official) mod site for the game.

Kerbalnet can be found at http://kerbal.net/ and will continue to operate in the near future. At the time of writing the site has been live for 97 days, has a total of 202 mods that have been downloaded 301,304 times to an average of 0.89 downloads per minute. There are 787 registered users and 237,186 unique visitors have been recorded.


A friend of mine had a massive surplus of bandwidth and storage in some of his servers and he wanted a way to use it up. He asked me to make a file hosting site and elpisupload was born. The site underwent a big design change with the help of Gabriele Cirulli. The back-end remained the same.


One of my first public projects was a random colour generator. It generated a random hex code and was intended to be used for design inspiration. If you couldn't think of what the structure was going to be you could at least get a kick start with some colour ideas.

The service also offered a downloadable .png of the generated hex, the equivilent RGB code, quick HTML and CSS code for implimenting the colour, a listing of the top colours, input space to enter your own hex, random messages to keep yourself entertained whilst refreshing and a special easter egg!


The Moora Motel website was the second 'freelance' website I ever made (still 14) which was after the success of the Cafe Panini website. This website was a much simpler job though and was just a single page of images and infomation. The site took me about two hours to build. You can check it out for yourself here.


Excel SQL Insert was the first in what was supposed to be a series of Office Excel to SQL query translators. The program generated Excel ready field code based on the headings (field names) and then the starting column value (A3, B2, E16, etc). You can find the tool here and try it out for yourself.


Linkgrid is a small project I have been working on since late 2011. There is currently a live version of the site that you can visit and a highly WIP version here. I hope to spend some time on the project over the next few months.


JSIOS stands for JavaScript Intergrated Operating System and was a project for creating an in-browser virtual machine type enviroment for thin clients and cloud computing. The projected hinged on the use of a Raspberry Pi as the test client and a run of the mill webserver to do the computations.

The project was showing a lot of promise but I quickly ran out of time to work on it as it got into deep system UI features and configurations. The current version allows for custom programs to be implimented and runs off a windows 8 inpsired home screen.


Planet wizard was one of the first websites I ever created and was intended to be a homepage, portfolio and personal blog. Since its original conception it has undergone two minor changes and a complete redesign but hasn't been modified since October, 2011.

I still post the odd blog post every now and then but lately I haven't really had the time. Much of what I'm working on isn't very interesting anyway so theres not a lot to write about. Hopefully I'll become more blog-active again once I'm at university.


WH3 stands for Wizard Hashing 3 and was the third iteration of my hashing function that used a sequence of ascii code remainders to generate letters from the alphabet. The exact process is a little complicated but it essentially generated a hash using a string and a key (the key could either be provided or not it didn't matter). The length of the has is directly associated with the length of the string (but not the key).


Cafe Panini was the first website I ever made as a 'freelance web designer'. I was 14 years old and the site has remained online and unchanged since its original creation. My best friend Mark Lanigan helped to code the site and it took us 8 days in total.

The site was the first time I had ever used javascript that I used to write an image carousel. You can check out the site for yourself here.


Advert was a project to create and manage online advertising campaigns. You can view the front end result here and it came complete with a admin panel for controlling what adverts were active, when they were active and for how long they were active. The system was designed to run on counter top monitors at checkouts without having to have any of the infomation stored locally.

The original concept involved strapping a Raspberry Pi to the back of the monitor or having several monitors run off a single computer. The project was completed in late 2012 but never put into service.


Efofex was a personal redesign challenge. It is a complete (templated) makeover of the existing site that can be found at efofex.com. To see the design I came up with you can visit this location.


Pricebot was my first web crawler and was designed to scourer Australian electrical retail online stores and store product infomation, prices and model codes. The bot ran very well and on nearly 12 different sites and ran for several days collecting vast ammounts of infomation. The program hasn't been run in months though so the infomation collected is no longer relevant but it was still a fun little project.


King wizard is one of those projects I am both proud of and worried about at the same time. It was designed originally as an experiment into computer generated speach patterns (inspired by some recent news of a big success with the turing test). I thought what is the best kind of sentence to work with, that can be easily quantified and measured as a success or a failure. I realised very quickly the best kind of sentence was insults and it uses a scenario driven speach pattern where an insult is picked at random and then it builds it's new insult based on that template.

If you're game enough you can check out a live version on the insult generator here. It is a lot of fun but also extremely vulgar so prepare yourself!


PwList was a small chrome extension that was in development to monitor selected domains as your browse the web. The project was developed originally because we were having trouble with uptime at Kerbalnet and we wanted to know exactly when it went down. The project was eventually abandoned in a semi-finished state after the downtimes were fixed with the only issue being cURL problems on sites like Google and Facebook returning the website as offline.


BunburyRetravision.com.au was my first team project and was the focus of DEC 2011, JAN-MAR 2012 from a developmental stand point and was my first experience in online commerce. The site is based off the OSCommerce template but the front end has been mostly built from the ground up.


I spend time on the Facepunch web development subforum that boasts a large and active group of extremely talented developers and designers from all over the world. I am an active contributor to discussion, critique and project development and most frequent the "What are you working on" (WAYWO) thread as well as the "Questions that Don't need their own Thread" (QTDNTOW) thread.

My Facepunch username is "wizard`".